? Need help?  The Alpha Center for Women is here for YOU!

Pregnancy Tests & Counseling
Clients receive truth and compassion from trained volunteer counselors. As they receive vital truths from a caring counselor, ongoing relationships can be formed allowing the counselor to share her faith.


Abstinence Education
With unwed pregnancies on the rise and the increase of sexually transmitted diseases, our counselors give factual information to single clients about possible health risks associated with sexual activity.Counselors also share about the emotional and spiritual benefits of sexual purity until marriage.


Adoption Advocacy
Our counselors serve as liaisons between a birth couple and the prospective adoptive parents to provide emotion support, encouragement and friendship for the birth parents. Referrals to legal counsel and/or adoption agencies are made when clients choose adoption. Our liaisons make certain the needs of the birth parents are met during the adoption process.

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